HODLNG: ensure the net-zero transition in the LNG industry

Explore our decentralized solution for premium green LNG with social and environmental impacts.

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Transparency, trustworthiness, shared value business model

Transparency, efficiency, accuracy

Enhancing trust among LNG buyers and meeting the demands of Europe's green transition through carbon-neutral LNG

Environmental footprint

With 20 cargos yearly reducing 5 million tCO2e, akin to removing 1M cars

Supports communities affected by LNG activities

Social effects

HODLNG: an Authoritative Repository to Track and Share the Origin and Ownership of each Asset

HODLNG is a climate-deep tech solution that provides a decentralized view of green LNG. Our solution enables LNG buyers and sellers with a robust and immutable ledger system of emissions reports and carbon credits

Innovative Green LNG Solutions Provider
Decentralized View for Stakeholders

HODLNG is dedicated to delivering a premium differentiated green LNG product with a decentralized view. Our solution establishes utmost security and integrity in tracking, sharing, and verifying the life-cycle profile of carbon-neutral LNG products.

HODLNG Solutions

Empowering stakeholders with a decentralized view of green LNG for premium differentiation.

Our Mission Statement

At HODLNG, we strive to provide a climate-deep tech solution establishing a single origin of truth to deliver a differentiated product with positive social and environmental impacts.

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Choose HODLNG for a premium green LNG solution that prioritizes social and environmental impacts, setting us apart in the industry for sustainable practices and innovation.

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With extensive experience in technical research & innovation and Blockchain application since 2016. We have fusion experience in driving product development and technology capabilities globally, uniting semantic w3, cryptography design expertise, security architecture, industrial data management, energy data science, and energy data analytics combined with international relationships and business development and communication.

Jean-Christophe Finidori CEO
Jean-Christophe Finidori CEO

Jean-Christophe Finidori


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